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Welcome to Gospel Voices Zug - bringing Zug Locals and Expats together through Gospel Music!

The Zug Gospel Workshop 2023 is history – and was GREAT!
Photo Gallery 2023
Save the date for the next workshop:
October 26 and 27, 2024!

What We Do and Why We Do It

Hi, this is E. (Tenor)

I wanted to thank you all for a fantastic weekend, it was great to sing again after 30 years [...]  Please forward my admiration to Brian, he is a great teacher and musician. The band, and in general the rest of the team.


Never in the 5 years I've been living in Switzerland have I spoken more German than this weekend - thank you for this opportunity!

Workshop Participant from Denmark


I can only echo your sentiments with regard to the success and continued afterglow of an awesome yet marathon weekend! Still reeling and reliving every moment. [...] friendships most certainly took root. The girls I hung out with (approx.7) have formed a 'private' WA group endeavoring to keep in touch regardless. Really and truly looking forward to the formation of a choir meeting on Saturday or Sunday, since I have forever wanted to be part of an 'English' choir but wasn't able to do [..]



We're a group of friends passionate about bringing people together through music! The above are just some of the messages we've received after we've organized our first event - a weekend gospel workshop in Zug in Oct 2022. These have inspired us to start Gospel Voices Zug, addressing a major opportunity we'd discovered in the town of Zug.


In this small town at the foothills of the Alps, two communities live side by side: Swiss locals and expats. Those communities can easily live parallel lives, meeting occasionally and rarely interacting. On one side, social networks are inherited and developed early in life. On the other, expat life can be challenging and lonely. We've made it our mission to create opportunities for the two communities to meet and get to know each other, all while singing and performing music that brings out joy and breaks walls!

Learn more about our main projects:

- an annual weekend workshop with a renowned gospel instructor - the Zug Gospel Workshop

- an open community choir called Gospel Voices Zug, meeting monthly at the Langhuus Kulturfabrik in Cham

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